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Woolmer accused by Sarfaraz Nawaz

During the third day’s lunch break of Pakistan’s second test against South Africa, Sarfaraz Nawaz made some idiotic comments about coach Bob Woolmer in the PTV’s “Expert Opinion” show. I don’t have his exact quote, but Sarfaraz said that foreign coaches only intend to destroy teams, and accused Woolmer of intending to destroy the Pakistan team and conspiring to kick out Shoaib Akhtar, which he deduced from the heated argument scenes between Woolmer and Akhtar.

Sarfaraz should know that it is Akhtar who has had an attitude problem, not Woolmer. He should also know that Akhtar has also been at odds with Inzamam in the past and it doesn’t mean that Inzi was conspiring against Akhtar or intended to destroy the Pakistan team. Now, some would say that Inzi won’t intend to do such a thing because Pakistan is his team. Well, Woolmer also calls Pakistan “my team”, and instead of destroying the Pakistan team, he was the one who coached over the team that destroyed the Ashes winning England team last year in Pakistan.

So, it is not right to say that foreign coach will always intend to destroy the team while a native coach or player will not. Native players can also fix matches, nothing new about it. Sarfaraz demanded to remove Woolmer as a coach, and others have also expressed their dislike for foreign “gora” coaches. Is it because they don’t want a foreigner to take up the job position or is it only discrimination and dislike based on nationality or race?

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