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Bob Woolmer

Shock and sadness. This guy did a lot for the team, tried his best and died trying. I don’t want to get into the issues that the team and those concerned with it apparently had, and have had for such a long time but this did not include Woolmer.
What’s highly offensive is the way the supposed ‘fans’ react. They act as if the fuckin’ world has come to an end instead of just the world cup. Burning effigies, vandalising houses, chanting death slogans. Wtf. No one is supposed to die dammit, save your protests for the right causes and directed at the right issues. If this is the state of affairs, how will the real issues ever get resolved? Fans like these do not help the cause, they exacerbate the already screwed up situation and this needs to be dealt with.
We need to start protesting intelligently. We need to start directing our frustration at the real causes so that real results are obtained. What a waste of time and energy to shout death slogans and try to amass a lynch mob, would that solve the problem? No, of course not but hey, what the hell, let’s just do it anyway since we are so angry. Motivation needs to be directed to the right qibla; the right focus or all it’s doing is harming the very thing we profess to love.
Changes need to be made and hope springs eternal. Let this be a lesson.



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