Mugged! Part 1: SHOOT the Mobile Snatchers

I got “mugged” while heading back home from my friend’s place last night at 11:30 PM. I was walking to the bus stop, my “spider-sense” was tingling and warning me not to take the dark, almost lonely service road, instead of the main road. But nooooo, why should I listen to my trusty sixth sense. So I was walking down the service road thinking that it had been a while since I heard about any mobile snatching incident, because a few months back I used to hear about these muggings, a number of them ending in shootings and killings. And just then two guys on a motorbike came slowing down towards me, and I thought what I could think at that moment: “shit!”. The guy sitting behind grabbed my collar and said “Give me the mobile, give me the mobile”, I said “ok , ok”, the other guy told him “show him the gun, and blow him off if he tries to mess up”, and sure enough he took out the pistol and pointed it at me. But my hand was already in the left-side pocket of my jeans to get out the cell-phone, but damn, it was the nasal spray. Then I took out the mobile out of my right-side pocket and gave it to them, and they took off.

I still had to walk almost half-way to the end of the dark road. I was thinking if another mugger came, I wouldn’t even have anything to give to him anymore…hehe. And while on the bus, I was thinking how I am gonna walk all the way from the bus-stop to my home. And when I got off the bus, the roads and streets were looking dark and empty to me, and I was suspecting every other guy, especially those on bikes, to be muggers, LOL… anyway, I got home safe and sound.

I wonder my father might be thinking that I sold my mobile. He thought the same when my 24-gear mountain-bike was stolen (and what a bike that was… that blue color, those monster looking tires…everyone used to drool over it…sigh 😦 ). He asked me whether it was really stolen or whether I had “gifted” it to any of my friends! Then next a day shop-keeper that my father knew also asked me the same question, cuz he had told him to ask me that. Then a few days later my friend told me that my father had asked him whether he knew that I had sold my bike or had it been really stolen. Then a year and a half years later my aunt told(not ‘asked’) me the same! Dunno why! Say it a couple of times again and I will start believing it.

Anyway, more later about the other mugging stories that I know…


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Steve Irwin dead…


Australian naturalist and animal-lover Steve Irwin dead after being struck in the chest by a stingray’s barb.

Steve’s TV show had become my favourite. A very intersting guy. Seemed like a very good person too. He will be missed…

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what a mess!

I am sure that Inzamam had refused to come out at all, but later the chairman of the PCB said that it was only supposed to be a protest, by staying in the dressing room for five minutes more. What kind of protest is this? 5 minutes protest? Inzi should not have come out on the field, and should not have compromised, even though we were in a winning position in the match. If the umpire was accusing the team of cheating, without providing evidence then he is the cheat, not the team.

From :

England v Pakistan, 4th Test, The Oval

Full coverage of The Oval chaos

August 21, 2006

The fourth and final Test between England and Pakistan ended in extraordinary controversy as the Pakistan team refused the take the field and the match was awarded to England. But that was just the start of the drama and here is Cricinfo’s continuing full coverage of the incredible events of the last 24 hours

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Israeli Checklist

Israel's Checklist

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communication with the dead?!


Some of my relatives had told us that their dead relatives have communicated with them in their dreams . Some of their stories were very convincing .

Then my aunt asked me a few weeks ago, if I have read anything about the dead being able to communicate through dreams . I said no. Later , verse 39:40 came to my mind , :

The Quran 39/40: God takes the souls when they die and during their sleep. He then keeps those that have been overtaken by death, and He sends the others until a predetermined time. In that are signs for a people who think.

Both the nafs/soul of the dead and the sleeping are at the same place with God . Is it possible that they can communicate with each other ? Maybe.

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i m trying to re-design Muhammad Asadi’s website about Quran and Science , . but i m not very good in web designing . if anyone is good in web designing, and would like to volunteer in re-designing the website , please contact me at .
thanks .

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Prophet Cartoons -What Went Wrong?


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