Pakistan’s emotional farewell

“You can’t pick and choose when to be a supporter.”


March 22, 2007 at 6:43 pm 1 comment

Bob Woolmer

Shock and sadness. This guy did a lot for the team, tried his best and died trying. I don’t want to get into the issues that the team and those concerned with it apparently had, and have had for such a long time but this did not include Woolmer.
What’s highly offensive is the way the supposed ‘fans’ react. They act as if the fuckin’ world has come to an end instead of just the world cup. Burning effigies, vandalising houses, chanting death slogans. Wtf. No one is supposed to die dammit, save your protests for the right causes and directed at the right issues. If this is the state of affairs, how will the real issues ever get resolved? Fans like these do not help the cause, they exacerbate the already screwed up situation and this needs to be dealt with.
We need to start protesting intelligently. We need to start directing our frustration at the real causes so that real results are obtained. What a waste of time and energy to shout death slogans and try to amass a lynch mob, would that solve the problem? No, of course not but hey, what the hell, let’s just do it anyway since we are so angry. Motivation needs to be directed to the right qibla; the right focus or all it’s doing is harming the very thing we profess to love.
Changes need to be made and hope springs eternal. Let this be a lesson.


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Dekho! Dil bara karo!

“Jeet lo 16 crore Pakistanio kai dil!”

Huh, they are still showing that stupid commercial, in which Inzi, Shoaib, Akmal and Younis are shown getting scared by watching videos of Australian players! Next time, maybe they will show Ireland making Shoaib bite his nails.

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Woolmer accused by Sarfaraz Nawaz

During the third day’s lunch break of Pakistan’s second test against South Africa, Sarfaraz Nawaz made some idiotic comments about coach Bob Woolmer in the PTV’s “Expert Opinion” show. I don’t have his exact quote, but Sarfaraz said that foreign coaches only intend to destroy teams, and accused Woolmer of intending to destroy the Pakistan team and conspiring to kick out Shoaib Akhtar, which he deduced from the heated argument scenes between Woolmer and Akhtar.

Sarfaraz should know that it is Akhtar who has had an attitude problem, not Woolmer. He should also know that Akhtar has also been at odds with Inzamam in the past and it doesn’t mean that Inzi was conspiring against Akhtar or intended to destroy the Pakistan team. Now, some would say that Inzi won’t intend to do such a thing because Pakistan is his team. Well, Woolmer also calls Pakistan “my team”, and instead of destroying the Pakistan team, he was the one who coached over the team that destroyed the Ashes winning England team last year in Pakistan.

So, it is not right to say that foreign coach will always intend to destroy the team while a native coach or player will not. Native players can also fix matches, nothing new about it. Sarfaraz demanded to remove Woolmer as a coach, and others have also expressed their dislike for foreign “gora” coaches. Is it because they don’t want a foreigner to take up the job position or is it only discrimination and dislike based on nationality or race?

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January 23, 2007 at 8:37 am 1 comment

Should Saddam be kept alive?

Some comments on Saddam Hussein’s verdict from:

There is no doubt that Saddam was an exceptionally cruel dictator bur he should not be subject to capital punishment. He should be kept in prison so that he can appear as one of the main prosecution witnesses at the war crime trials of George Bush and Tony Blair.

Emelle, London

His death will erradicate the final piece of evidence about who supplied him with the weapons in the first place

Gerry, Glasgow

Make absolutely no mistake – this is not a verdict, it is an assassination.

Killing Sadam prevents him from telling any stories about U.S arms dealings to journalists from his prison cell.

Matthew, Chicago

Typical America. Install a dictator, then when he gets a bit too big for his boots, bring him down in a bloodbath.

nik, london, uk

When do we trial ” the other” criminals: George Bush, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger,Donald Rumsfel, Oliver North, John Negroponte..? S.Hussein’s crimes are nothing compared to the one committed by these Western barbarians, whereby they are responsible for the killing of hundred of thousands, disappearances, torture, the uprooting of entire nations and the destruction and separation of families,…includying my own,…I hope I can see at least one of these men hanged before I die.

Carlos Flores, Vancouver, Canada

Let me get this straight!
Most people never heard of Saddam Hussein before Bush senior invaded Iraq.
We invaded his country twice,accused him of having weapons of mass destruction,accused him of being linked to 9/11,killed most of his family and now we’re sentencing him to death?I don’t support Hussein at all, but to be sentenced to death is a bit over the top.
Why didn’t they sentence Harry S. Truman when he incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Why was Pinochet so protected in England?

Alex Gache, Netherlands

Two days before the American elections. What a coincidence……………..

Yitzhak Isaac Goldstein, Israel

Great. When will George Bush face trial for the same thing?

Sam, Essex

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November 8, 2006 at 1:03 am 2 comments

The Bad Boys of Cricket

Inzamam-ul-Haqq and Shoaib Akhtar rank among the top miscreants in Cricinfo’s XI, and Pakistan the most reported country :

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The Irwin video: Would you watch it?

Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin’s final moments were captured on camera. But should that film ever be broadcast to the watching public?

I think that the video should be made available to public because, as the article says:

“Up till now we have witnessed Irwin sporting with crocodiles, poisonous snakes and tarantulas, always emerging unscathed and as lively as ever. The footage of Irwin’s final film can in itself be regarded as a necessary part of our education: these animals are dangerous, and fooling around with them can be deadly.”

September 20, 2006 at 11:09 am 11 comments

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